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Custom RFID Vinyl Wristbands for MOVENPICK Resort

Publish Time:2019-03-16

ZDCARD was selected as the technology partner for the RFID vinyl wristbands for MOVENPICK, a large resort in Beirut, Lebanon. We deliver a carefully branded high quality custom RFID wristbands solution on time and help to provide safety, security and convenience to the guests for access control. It is a disposable wristbands delivered with custom logo, colors, variable codes and other branding elements.  
These wristbands are made in different colors including orange, white, champagne, blue, green, yellow, brown and looks very nice. You can choose the wristbands in more than 50 colors and with your custom printing as well. ZDCARD has a huge range of custom RFID wristbands for events, all of which can be designed to our requirements

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