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Foreign Customers Visited ZDCARD

Publish Time:2017-01-14

ZDCARD is a 16 years electronic tags (RFID), smart CARDS and other smart chip product solutions, electronic tags (RFID), smart CARDS and smart chip USES information management system solutions, all kinds of electronic tags (RFID), smart CARDS and smart chip manufacturing,  Plastic Box Packaging and other UV printing environmental protection, high-quality goods packaging design and the overall solution, such as electronic tags (RFID) card smart chip iota terminal, speaking, reading and writing equipment, room robot "restaurant" wisdom international platform solutions. We in line with scientific and technological innovation, to create the concept of wisdom. Based in Shenzhen, global service, only for customers to create more wealth.

ZDCARD had offer Moscow bus metro cards, Iran metro cards, Latvia city card (CPU card), voter CARDS, telecom prepaid phone CARDS in Iraq, Nigeria Yemen DianXinKa, Iran's bank card South Africa bank CARDS. China for the games of the 2008 CARDS in Chengdu and Chongqing one-way subway rides, Hubei highway passes, beijing-shenyang expressway passes, Hebei high-speed pass such products provide solutions and manufacturing.