We updated our reader to be a dual-frequency handheld reader

Publish Time:2019-03-16

RFID reader, also known as an interrogator, is a device that provides the connection between the tag data and the enterprise system software that needs the information. The reader communicates with tags that are within its field of operation, performing any number of tasks including simple continuous inventorying, filtering (searching for tags that meet certain criteria), writing (or encoding) to select tags, etc. The reader uses an attached antenna to capture data from tags. It then passes the data to a computer for processing. Just like RFID tags, there are many different sizes and types of RFID readers. Readers can be affixed in a stationary position in a store or factory, or integrated into a mobile device such as a portable, handheld scanner. Readers can also be embedded in electronic equipment or devices, and in vehicles.
ZDCARD officially announced a good news of our UHF handheld reader today, we have updated our mold and hardware to make a two frequency reader: support both HF/LF and UHF. 

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