Heavy! ZDCard RFID wristband products spring thanks to the f

Publish Time:2018-03-20

Before and after the Lantern Festival, Shenzhen Tandipek Electronics Co., Ltd.'s production plants were started one after another. The 90-day spring thanksgiving feedback and promotions continued.
It is reported that Zhengdongyuanfeng factory has worked overtime before the holiday to promote RFID wristband products for customers. In response, the Ministry of Personnel rushed to the recruitment frontline to supplement the production base with fresh forces. Since the New Year's Day of 2018, our company has produced RFID wristbands for big price promotions! The company's flagship product, the RFID silicone wristband, is priced as low as 1.25 yuan/bar; RFID plastic wristbands are as low as 0.8 yuan/bar.

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