RFID tag for Logistics pallet

Publish Time:2017-05-24

This series of RFID tag products have sunscreen, waterproof, resistance to high temperature and other characteristics, widely used in logistics management. Can realize the logistics management informatization and modernization, improve logistics management level and management efficiency, reduce management costs.
The product application:
Logistics tray labels recommended in logistics management, bags, trays, containers, shelves, equipment, management of fixed assets and so on.
Product parameters:
Finished size: 105 x26. 5 x7. 5 mm (+ / - 1.0 mm)
Packaging material: ABS plastic shell
Protocol standard, ISO  18000-6 - c
Working frequency: 860 MHZ to 960 MHZ
The rfid chip: ALIEN  Higgs3
Data set: read, write 100000 times
The performance parameters: 4 m or more (stationary, speaking, reading and writing)
Tamper feature: the sunscreen, waterproof, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, protection grade reaches IP65.

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